Petite Graphics
is located in beautiful Nova Scotia

I work hard at creating unique ways to present your ideas, products, or image through print and web design. My goal is to create a positive impact while capturing your audience’s attention.
-Laura Johnston
Intro Petite Graphics

It is time to put those ideas into view.

  • Scientifc Illustrations
  • Infographics
  • Product Illustrations
  • Diagrams
Whether it is a specific product, thought or whimsical idea; illustrations are a great means to communicate your message to a board audience. Let me help you create your next illustration.
  • Invitations
  • Flyers
  • Conference materials
I offer a range of professional services for the preparation of print material: flyers, brochures, elements for a trade show, invitations, and more.
web solutions
Web Solutions
  • Web sites
  • Updates
  • WordPress
Develop websites for academia, small businesses, NPO, or for individuals while efficiently using web standards: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and responsive layouts. As well, I can update an existing site by adding new content, images or by designing a completely new look.
How I determine pricing
  • Type of project i.e. brochure design, illustration, Power Point template, web design, etc. 
  • Complexity of the project
  • Non-profit organizations, business/profit organizations, or individuals
  • Whether you have pre-existing elements, i.e. photos, text, logo in a usable format, etc
  • Supplementary research needed to complete the project.
  • Establish what you as a client needs
  • Brainstorm, research, establish your target audience
  • Design - develop - production
  • Review
  • Complete - Launch - Print
Mini Portfolio

Let's do something with those ideas

To see more of my work and creative experiments, please view my "blog" pages.


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Who Am I

My background prior to becoming a graphic designer was research science. Thus I would still proudly call myself a science geek. Using both my experiences and knowledge, I have the ability to create visuals that guide the viewer down the path of knowledge, or simply for the fun of it. I look forward to working with you!
My Makeup
Satisfaction Desired
Cups of coffee per day

Hope to hear from you

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or are looking to start your project.
Hubley, Nova Scotia Canada

Do you have any questions? Let’s talk!

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